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Why ‘Cognitive Athlete?

Chances are that if you are reading this you are already successful at what you do and how you do it.

Our clients thrive for excellence, look to make a difference and do it well. In other words, they have already done shit.

You can say 80% of their lives are sorted and work well. And, like all of us, there are parts and pieces of their lives that can be tweaked and optimized.

We call that “20% more”. To operate at your max (and maybe beyond), you need to look at your output the same way an elite athlete builds their performance. Distinguishing between the first and tenth place in the men’s 100m race is measured in milliseconds, not seconds. This represents less than a 10% deviation. The difference between a medal and no medal can be a 1% difference.

20% more is about the high achievers who are now competing against the best in their particular field. You have gotten 80% there, you studied hard, you sacrificed, you got the job, you are building your career/business, but it is competitive and competition is stiff. The last 20% is difficult, draining, time-consuming and as we will discuss, requires more than 20% of your effort. But maximizing this, and making it work for you, makes the difference of standing on the podium or not.

Another way to look at it is through the lens of the Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto, who highlighted the principle that in almost every domain, 20% of the input will generate 80% of the results. For example, for business transactions, invariably around 20% of the clients generate 80% of the income. This is called the 20/80 rule, or sometimes the Pareto Principle. This also implies that the last 20% of our results [so if 80% efforts got you to qualify for an olympic race, it’s the 20% extra that will give you a chance at standing on the podium. 

If we can accomplish this, the result is significant. Achieving the last 20% places us beyond the general domain of performance. Where good players deliver 80% of their potential; and great players deliver close to 100%, top of the game players – the athletes in the crowd, deliver beyond what is acceptable as 100%. This is where records are broken and disruption turns industries upside down.

That’s where we want to play with you, and we have created a sandbox that makes that happens.

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In this blog, we look to explore the four pillars that uphold any possibility of being a top cognitive athlete, namely:

  • How you move – and what is the best way to do so – what are the exercises, the stats, the details and the hacks that give you the greatest benefit and allow you to maximize your potential under the constraints of modern workloads and busy lives.
  • What you eat – how do you fuel your mind and body to operate optimally
  • How you sleep – this is one of the two aspects of human needs that is not hackable (the other one being our need for sunshine). Sleep in a non-negotiable need that requires optimization and impacts every aspect of our lives. In other words, there is no way around it, no supplement, no mantra, ancient trick or shortcut – you need to sleep to function. Our requirements vary and there are hacks to improve our sleep. This is a pillar that we track, tweak, iterate and optimize.
  • And finally, how you work with your mind. This is the easiest pillar to ignore, the one that at first glance, does not seem to be that important. However, remember you are already 80% there. You made the Olympic team, you are now competing against the best of the best. This is likely the pillar that is going to have the biggest impact as most of your competition is not paying attention to this. The last 20% is the hardest and requires all pillars to be functioning and firing in unison. Your inner conversation determines not just the quality of your experience but it becomes your experience. Your response to a problem dictates the outcome. You respond but do not react. Your ability to see and think clearly allows you to see options and solutions that others miss, open doors that were never there and achieve what others cannot.

We also cherish your input, your thoughts, and your questions. Please send us any ideas you would like us to research and write about (link to contact page here).

Now, strap on your stratospheric wonder boots and join the exploration. You can research this blog by topics through the ideas’ cluster map to the right, or simply through the four key domains.